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Hello! My name is Phil and I am a traveling photographer, content creator, and social influencer from Texas, USA. I advocate for travel and the outdoors with a very loyal follower base that is growing everyday and a reach that extends to hundreds of thousands of users per week. I work with brands, hotels, and travel agencies to create a diverse range of new and eye-caching content that really captures an audience's attention through emotion and story, whether it be for their website, social media channels or marketing campaigns.




First impressions are important. Sending out social media campaigns or launching your new business with poor quality, or stock-bought, images decrease the value and originality of your brand and could therefore be targeting the wrong audience unintentionally. It is important that your images reflect the quality of your product or service. By taking the time to understand the culture and values that drive your company, I can bring them to life through imaginative and compelling imagery. These images will be able to tell a visual story, to connect your customers with your brand and increase business opportunities.

Services include: Photography | Social Media Campaigns | Account Takeover | Blog Articles | Consulting

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Toyota Motor Europe collaborated with Phil on a project in the Alps. As part of this project, Phil created a variety of photography assets to be used by all Toyota markets across Europe on their social channels. In addition, Phil provided us with a number of mentions in his personal social channels to give further exposure to the Toyota brand. It was a fruitful collaboration, resulting in great assets that are currently being used by our markets. I would be happy to consider any future collaboration with Phil, and can recommend his services as being of a high standard.
— Christophe, Social & Content Manager, Toyota Motor Europe
We had the pleasure of working with Phil on a social media/photography campaign highlighting our 6 day Rainbow Mountain Trek to Machu Picchu in Peru. Our goal was to get some spectacular shots of the scenery, Machu Picchu, our equipment and guides and local color. What we got was all of that and much more! Phil was a pleasure to work with - a fabulous artist/photographer who took our requests to the next level and a true professional. We would recommend him to anyone looking for incredible photography as well as social media campaigns and we hope to work with him again in the future!
— Nicole and Jose, Owners, Killa Expeditions
JustFly collaborated with Phil Nguyen on a marketing project and it was an absolute success! We saw an increase in engagement and overall brand awareness, while keeping the CPM exceptionally low and gaining valuable leads and potential customers. In fact, this particular collaboration had generated the lowest CPM ever for us in this project range. We would love to work with him again in the future.
— Midhat, Social Media Specialist, JustFly
We worked with Phil to produce content for our new product line, serving a new market. It was important for us to work with a photographer who would be able to bring that brand to life with images that really spoke to the audience. Phil greatly assisted in our campaign’s success with his artistic vision and photographic talent. On top of that, Phil was incredibly easy to work with, highly professional, and timely with deliverables. If you are looking for a great photographer for your next project, look no further!
— Uwe, Digital Marketing Director, CytoSport Inc.
Phil was a pleasure to work with on many different marketing support levels, and provided professional content and structure in line with the expected deliverables. He is nimble in that he is able to adjust his photography to be on brand at all times. I would recommend his talent as an influencer and photographer to anyone looking for a high level of content.
— Brandon, Marketing Coordinator, Topo Designs
The work produced by Phil for our brand was on brief and on time. The due diligence to ensure each creative assets was on par with our brands vision whilst still aligning to his own style and flair. It made it a seamless experience for us to work with him. The stunning locations scouted by Phil brought a sense of adventure and wonder to his shots, so there’s not much more an outdoor brand like ours can ask for.
— Jacinta, Social Media Specialist, Kathmandu


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